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Mar 26, 2021

NEUTROGENA names Chloe X Halle brand ambassadors


Johnson & Johnson-owned Neutrogena has named Grammy-nominated duo CHLOE x HALLE as its newest brand ambassadors.

“We grew up using Neutrogena products and have always trusted the brand to keep our skin looking and feeling healthy, so we are super excited to officially join the Neutrogena family,” said Chloe.

“Halle and I face very different challenges with our skin, but whatever we’re looking for, we always know that Neutrogena will have a product that’s right for our specific skincare needs.”
Kerry Sullivan, Vice President of Marketing for Neutrogena, explains, “As Neutrogena aims to put the power of skin health in the hands of people of all skin tones and types through a variety of initiatives, Chloe x Halle likewise have the power to inspire and educate a whole new generation of skincare users.”