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Nov 18, 2020

How Kosas and BoxyCharm used mystery boxes to promote a new mascara launch

Have you ever thought about how to “surprise and delight” your customers? Kosas and Boxy Charm partnered and developed a fascinating “mystery campaign” where customers could act as influencers for a day. After randomly selecting 2,000 participants, from among the subscribers who signed up to win, they sent out unbranded mascaras for people to test out and guess on Instagram which brand it was from. The intent was to gamify the experience.

What was the result? Ultimately the campaign helped push the Kosas mascara at launch day to the No. 4 top-selling mascara at Sephora and No. 1 at Credo; since it has remained in the top 10 mascaras at Sephora. The mascara also accounted for 20% of Kosas’ total sales during the first week after the launch.

Boxy Charm‘s CEO Yosef (Joe) Martin stated that “The beauty industry is highly competitive now when it comes to influencers and capturing people’s attention. In order to succeed, you need to be more creative; it’s no longer about giving products to an influencer. You have to have an organized strategy”.