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Jan 15, 2021

Fashion brands are abandoning traditional org charts in favor of ‘fluid’ teams

When it comes to working relationships, increasingly, fashion brands don’t want to tie their employees down.

New business models are emerging in fashion, as brands both recover from a period heavy in layoffs and get accustomed to a remote workforce. Rather than hiring full-time employees for specific roles, companies are enlisting workers with expertise in many areas and supplementing them with outside experts. The results are constantly rotating teams and, overall, fewer limitations on what can be accomplished.

“It’s very fluid,” said Jasmine Mullers, vp and chief partnerships officer at Pangaia, of the fashion brand’s team. Pangaia is a sustainably-minded company. “We’ll come across an incredible material, and we’ll think, ‘Who can we work with to develop this further? How can we scale this? Who can we work with that would be able to showcase this material really well or communicate this in an exciting way?’ Or there will be an opportunity where we have a connection with an artist and want to work with them on something. It’s not a singular way of working, and that makes it exciting.”