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It’s a transformative time in retail. Technology has created an environment of competition and access that has placed consumers in the driver’s seat like never before. Organizations that wish to thrive need a brand of talent that understands how to leverage the empowered consumer in their company’s favor.

At CP & Krell Group, we identify and attract the industry’s most substantial talent who is ahead of the curve on innovation and e-commerce strategies. And we do it better than anyone because of who we are.

Led by nearly 25 years of experience in executive corporate roles for iconic CPG e-commerce companies in the skincare and nutritional sectors, we leverage our unparalleled insight to connect the best and most relevant professionals with your organization.

What Makes Us

  • Direct, high-level experience in the industries we serve
  • The diversity of clients and candidates
  • Our multilingual approach that promotes a global advantage
  • Deep industry ties and a network that spans continents
  • We recruit for positions that we have held or supervised ourselves
  • 99% offer acceptance rate

Sample of CPG Specialization Areas

  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Directors
  • Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Sales Directors
  • Country General Managers
  • VP of Marketing
  • VP of Digital Marketing
  • VP of e-commerce
  • C Level Executives

Professional to Professional

Landing a more sophisticated brand of talent takes a more sophisticated recruiting partner.

Having occupied leadership and executive roles nationally and internationally, founder and president of CP & Krell Group Carlos Perez has shared the perspective from your side of the desk. It’s his experience and insight that serves as the bedrock of our success. Elevate your experience with recruiters by partnering with someone who truly understands your industry, shares your passion for your company and has the pedigree to deliver.

When you partner with CP & Krell Group, we become an extension of your brand and the best spokesperson of your company.

Attracting greatness to your organization.